Wait 30 seconds and you should see a pop up screen.

Please contact us and find out if this activation will work for you.

I’ve searched and couldn’t find an answer to my question. com.

NBT Evo ID5/ID6 was developed as a successor to NBT and NBT Evo ID4, and has a completely different hardware as well as a new user interface.

Option 3: Retrofitting CarPlay with a Head Unit Upgrade.

shawnsheridan · Premium Member. View full details. Hi, i know it's an old thread, but i wanted to ask you, what part number did you buy (the one in the pics that didn't work for you).

I’ve searched and couldn’t find an answer to my question.

Spectroman said: Request BMW Fullscreen CarPlay Activation file for ID6. . No wires need to be cut.

Mar 1, 2018 · fc-falcon">iTrader: ( 1) Idrive 6 lite/apple carplay. Jan 29, 2022 · Here are the high-level steps on how to setup Apple CarPlay in your BMW: 1.

Option 2: Retrofitting CarPlay with BimmerTech's CarPlay MMI Prime.


The app will ask for a unique code- the code will be in your email after order is placed. .

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iTrader: ( 1) Idrive 6 lite/apple carplay.

On idrive 5 there would be a small CarPlay logo on the home screen on the bottom left corner.

EntryNav2 Carplay ACTIVATION 🍎 BMW/MINI equipped with Road Map WAY Navigation (6. . 0/6.

Aug 22, 2022 · Option 1: Activating your factory BMW Wireless CarPlay. Bluetooth and have to be turned ON on your iPhone. Hi Shawn, I am also a G20 with IDrive7 from Hong Kong, Please send me the details for Carplay activation, thanks. I have a 2016 F33 (with NBT) that unfortunately didn’t come with CarPlay or the later version combox. Activation process description: 1) Download our Easy Coding tool. .


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Is it possible to switch now id6 lite "On" via coding ? The coding option is there (FDL) but not sure if the sowftware below will actually reflect any change after coding to id6 lite (it is now set to id4 plus plus) New i-step 20-07-525 BTLD_00001FFD_001_056_001.

After the flash was carried out, Carplay worked fine without any issues.


Feb 7, 2022 · When the activation is done, you will have to connect your iPhone.